TeJay Rogers
$9500Monthly (Half hour each week)

Meet TeJay Rogers!

TeJay Rogers has been teaching at Meridian Music and Arts since day one and is one of the founding members. He is happy to help students of all ages and levels learn about guitar, ukulele or banjo. He likes to let students choose their own style of music and finds a way to squeeze music theory into what they are learning. TeJay thinks music should be fun and wants to help anyone he can find passion therein.


TeJay Rogers has been playing guitar for 23 years. He has been teaching lessons in the Meridian and surrounding area for 15 years. TeJay specializes in one-on-one lessons and has helped hundreds of students reach their goals. TeJay is well rounded in playing styles ranging from the blues, rock, country, bluegrass, classical and even a little bit of Jazz. It doesn’t matter if you play acoustic or electric. TeJay can help you further your skill. In addition to guitar lessons, TeJay Rogers also teaches banjo, ukulele, and manages a student rock band named Future Image. Over the years TeJay Rogers has taught at Hartz Music (Meridian), Arts West (Eagle), Dunkley Music (Boise), and Meridian Music & Arts. Currently, he is teaching exclusively at Meridian Music & Arts. TeJay Rogers is an active member in the community. His student rock band provides live music for an array of local events through out the year. Further, TeJay Rogers has worked closely with the Mayor of Meridian and local leaders to provide young performers in the area with performance opportunities at local events in Meridian, ID. TeJay Rogers truly enjoys helping others find their talent and hopes to make a long career out of his music passion. TeJay welcomes all ages, and levels to come in and take lessons. Lesson with TeJay Rogers Guitar lessons with TeJay will vary depending on the student and what level they are at. TeJay tries really hard to customize each lesson to fit the needs of each student.He feels it is important for students to enjoy guitar lessons. Music should be fun. To help with this TeJay lets his students choose the songs that they would like to learn. TeJay then uses these songs and finds creative ways to teach theory based around the song that is being taught.

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