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Meet Tamilla Macklin!

Tamilla has been teaching at Meridian Music and Arts for about a year. But don’t let this think she’s a noob. Not so. She has been teaching for quite a while now. Just relatively new to the MMA team. She is one of our multi-instrumentalists. She has a lot hustle and works hard. She teaches all ages and levels. She is happy to help anyone learn and find passion in music. And, she’ll do it with style!


Tamilla Macklin is a multi instrumentalist, singer and song writer now based out of Boise, Idaho. Tamilla comes from a musical family and has played music nearly her whole life. Though piano is her first instrument, she fell in love with stringed instruments and chose to take on Double Bass at a young age. Tamilla played Double Bass in Yokosuka Symphony Orchestra in Japan and grew up with a fondness for classical music. She has been part of numerous Jazz, Blues, Rock and Bluegrass ensembles on a variety of instruments. She currently sings as well as playing guitar and bass in two local bands. Tamilla has taught private and group lessons for the past ten years as well as being an Orchestra and General music teacher. She encourages students to have a strong foundation in music theory but also has fun teaching modern music as well as song writing. Tamilla always tries to find the balance between teaching music staples as well as letting students choose songs or learn to write their own. She has worked with students as young as two and loves inspiring future musicians.

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