Katie Venner
$9500Monthly (Half hour each week)

Meet Katie Venner!

Katie Venner has been teaching at Meridian Music and Arts for about 2 years now. She is a very talented piano player and vocalist. She teaches students of all ages and levels. We hear a lot of jazzy movements and show tunes coming out of her studio. She dazzles us from time to time with a beautiful jazz arrangement at our recitals. We also hear a lot of laughing come from her student. Lessons with her are fun!


Katie Venner is an accomplished pianist and vocalist. She has a Bachelor’s of Music degree and has been teaching for over 12 years. She teaches students of all ages starting with the youngest beginner to the highly advanced. Over the 28 years that she has studied music, she has enjoyed playing and performing many different styles, including classical, jazz, blues, gospel, musical theatre, pop, and opera. She has had the pleasure of playing in college jazz bands, city swing bands, singing in vocal jazz groups, as well as performing at weddings, and local restaurants. She has extensive knowledge of music theory and incorporates that into her lesson plans. Lessons with Katie are geared toward the individual needs and desires of the student. As a student, you will learn to read music, use proper technique, understand and apply rhythm, and develop your skill in a fun and creative environment. If there is a specific style you would like to learn, she will center the lessons around that. Katie has a love for teaching and sharing her knowledge of music with her students. Whether you are a beginner starting from scratch, or a seasoned musician looking to further your skill and broaden your ability, Katie would love to help you achieve your goals and unlock your potential.

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