Social Distancing Order (Our response)

Mayor Robert E Simons (City of Meridian) issued a Social Distancing Order on March 20th that will be in affect until April 4th. This was an effort to help slow the spread of the virus COVID-19. Meridian Music and Arts will remain open during this time. However, to comply with the rules of the order, there will be a few changes and guidelines that we are asking everyone to follow. We fully support the Mayor and are on board to help keep our City and Meridian Music and Arts a safe place for you and your children. We have listed below “What will change” and “What will stay the same”. Please review these items and if you have any questions, contact your teacher. He or She has been informed of these changes and will be able to help you.

What will change:
  • There will be no group activities held from March 20th through April 4th.
  • Our Lobbies/Waiting rooms are closed to the general public. We ask parents, siblings and anyone that may be waiting for a student to kindly wait in their car (It is okay to escort your child to the lesson room if needed, then return to your car).
  • All of our teachers are offering Video lessons via the internet. We encourage everyone to take advantage of this option and help us reduce traffic at the studio during the duration of this order.
What will stay the same:
  • Our studio doors will be open Monday – Saturday.
  • One-on-one private lessons will still be available (For those that are able, we encourage you to take advantage of online video lessons. Contact your teacher for more information on how to get this set up).
  • We will continue to keep our studio as clean as possible.
  • Our teachers will continue to practice heightened cleaning practices before each lesson.

We are committed to helping everyone stay safe and healthy. We cannot do it alone, however. We ask everyone that frequents our studio to please help us keep it a safe and clean place for you and your children. Please wash your hand regularly, cover your mouth with your arm if you need to cough or sneeze and follow the rules outlined above. We thank you all for your continued support and business during this time.


Meridian Music and Arts Team

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