Rethink: Spring Recital

Based on the recent announcement that school will not resume this year and the still current “stay at home” order, it will be impossible and irresponsible for Meridian Music and Arts to conduct this year’s spring recital as we usually do. On the flip side, it would be terrible to even consider canceling. We have never canceled before for one specific reason: We know our students have worked hard on their music. It is our pleasure to help them share their talent and music passion with their friends and family.  For this reason, we will not be canceling the Spring recital. We will, instead, rethink the spring recital.

While, yes, these are trying times; some may even call them scary times. Among all these titles there is a beacon shining through. Something that cannot be stopped. Something that brings us all hope, enjoyment and happiness. It is music! We’d like to think that all of the students at Meridian Music and Arts have music embedded in their hearts. We know for a fact that a handful of them are ready to perform. They have been preparing for months to perform at the spring recital. How is it possible to have a recital in our current situation? Well, shining almost as bright as the beacon of music are the endless possibilities that come with our current technology. We don’t have to meet in person to share musical performances.

We are calling on all parents and students to join us as we rethink the spring recital. This year, Instead of meeting in person, we would like to ask you all to record a video of your performance and share it with us on the Meridian Music and Arts FaceBook page on May 2nd 2020. It will be a virtual spring recital! The details to participate are below.

We are inviting all students to join us for a virtual recital on May 2nd. All you have to do to participate is one of the following:

  • Pre-record performance and post to Meridian Music and Arts FaceBook Page: Use your phone, tablet or computer to record yourself or your child’s performance. Then visit the Meridian Music and Arts FaceBook page and post it.
  • Pre-record and send to your teacher to post: If would rather have your teacher post your performance, you can email it to them before May 2nd and they will post it for you.
  • It is 100% free to participate!

We believe that this is a great opportunity for our students. Self recording is a great way to practice. Also, seeing your own videos online is really fun. We feel this is a good way to keep the music alive for our students and keep them actively practicing.

We’d like to invite all parents, family and friends to please visit the Meridian Music and Arts FaceBook page on May 2nd to watch performance videos. Please be sure to like, share and leave encouraging comments for your child’s performance and others. Thank you all for helping us support our aspiring musicians.

Author: admin