Music Olympics Camp

Dates and Times: June 11-15th, July 9-13th, August 6-10th

Monday – Friday 10-11:30am, on the front lawn, $125 per student (5 days, includes camp t-shirt, music binder, and game prizes), 10% MMA Student Discount

Description: Get ready to have a blast while learning and enforcing basic music concepts! This camp is designed for students at a variety of levels, from students with no musical background to students at a late-elementary level.

Through learning and cooperation, students will get to know one another as they explore basic musical concepts. The games in this camp are designed to be fun with lots of running, movement, and teamwork.  Some of the games we will be playing include:

  • Musical Alphabet Noodle Relay
  • Rhythm Value Relay
  • Water Balloon Staff/Keyboard Toss
  • Rhythm Bean Bag Toss
  • Musical Alphabet Gallery
  • …and more!

(There will be water! Please wear quick-dry clothing or wear an appropriate swimsuit under your clothes.)

Minimum of 6 students

Contact Anna to get signed up!

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