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Meet our teachers!

Meridian Music and Arts boasts a handful of professional music instructors. All teachers found below teach at the Meridian Music and Arts facility located at 934 E. 5th St. Meridian, Idaho 83642. Please take time to browse the various teachers and find the one that best fits your needs. If you would like our help finding the right teacher, Contact us.

Guitar & drums

Matt Puzan

For over 25 years, Matt has devoted himself to a full time teaching career and has mentored and nurtured students from ages 6 to 60. His band members from the High Street band call him the “Doc of Rock!”. For more information on scheduling, pricing and to read reviews, please use the “learn more” link below.

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Phone:‭(208) 713-1034‬

Per lesson rate:$25.00

Bass guitar, guitar, piano & ukulele

Tom Lowe

Tom Lowe has been teaching guitar, piano, voice and… You name it for over 54 years. He is a very experienced musician and a great teacher. Use the Learn more link below to see reviews, check pricing, and schedule a lesson.

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Phone:(208) 890-2940‬

Monthly rate:$85.00

Piano & Voice Lessons

Cathie Knapp

Cathie Knapp has been a music teacher in the Treasure Valley for over twenty years. She is very good with the little ones! All of her students love her and always leave with a smile. Use the Learn more link below to see reviews, check pricing, and schedule a lesson.

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Phone:(208) 371-0079‬

Monthly Rate:$88.00

Guitar, ukulele & banjo

TeJay Rogers

TeJay Rogers is a teacher first and a musician second. He loves helping others find their passion in music! He teaches all ages and levels. Come laugh, learn and love  music. For more information on scheduling, pricing and to read reviews please use the “lean more” link below.

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Phone:(208) 412-4748

Monthly Rate:$90.00

Piano & Voice Lessons

Anna Chapman

Anna has been teaching piano and voice lessons at Meridian Music and Arts since day one. She teaches students of all ages, styles, ability. Use the Learn more link below to see reviews, check pricing, and schedule a lesson.

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Phone:‭(208) 697-3229‬‬

Rate:$25.00 per lesson (30 min)

Guitar, ukulele & voice lessons

Jennifer Price

Jennifer teaches guitar, ukulele and voice lessons. She sings in the opera and loves rock and roll! She loves helping others learn music! To learn more about pricing, scheduling, etc. please use the lean more link below.

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Phone:(408) 603-1399

Monthly Rate:$85.00 (30 min lessons each week)

Piano & Voice Lessons

Katie Venner

Katie is a very talented musician and a fantastic teacher. If you have an interest in the Classical, Blues or Jazz Katie is an excellent choice. Use the Learn more link below to see reviews, check pricing, and schedule a lesson.

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Email :kvenner99@gmail.com

Phone:(208) 488-1700‬

Monthly rate:$95.00

Violin, viola

Tamilla Macklin

Tamilla Macklin is a multi- instrumentalist specializing in strings, piano, voice and songwriting. She is a local musician who fronts multiple bands with 25 years of experience playing music. Tamilla teaches all ages and is passionate about sharing her gift of music. Use the “learn more” link below to find out more about scheduling or contact her directly with questions.

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Rates:$25 per half hour lesson

Drums & Percussion

Frank Mastropaolo

Frank Mastropaolo has a wide breadth of experience in teaching and performing drums and a degree in Music with a Percussion Performance emphasis. To learn more about reviews, pricing and scheduling click the learn more link below.

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Phone:(208) 573-1020‬

Monthly Rate:$100.00 (30 min lesson each week)

Flute Lessons

Ashley Rogers

Lessons with Ashley are always fun. She likes to use fun games to make learning the flute fun! In addition, she has years of experience in teaching! To use the “lean more” link below to learn about scheduling, rates and to read reviews.

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Monthly rate:$85.00

How pricing works!

All of our teachers manage their own rates and clientele. This means that the price will vary depending on which teacher you choose. Some teachers charge a “per lesson fee” while others use a flat “monthly rate”. You can view each teacher’s rate on their page. The overall monthly rate can range from $85.00 to $100.00.

How to schedule a lesson!

We recommend that you browse the teachers listed above. Once you have found the teacher you feel is a good fit for you or your child, click on the “learn more” link below that teacher’s photo to go to their individual page and schedule a lesson.

Read reviews!

It’s good to know a little bit about a teacher and their work ethic before signing up for lessons. For your convenience, we have provided a way for the public to leave reviews about their personal experience with our teachers. You can leave and read reviews of our teachers by visiting their individual pages.