Music is immune!

During this time of isolation, there are many things we can’t do. Can’t go to the park. Can’t go to school. Can’t see your friends or family. The list is endless when you’re focusing on everything you “can’t” do. It can be quite depressing to think about.

This week we have been focusing on things we can do. At the top of the list for us is music. You can listen to or play music no matter where you are. Music is the one thing that can enter every home and brighten up the darkest moments in life! Music doesn’t get sick. It won’t die and it is available to all of us.

We’d like to share with you two ways that we are using music in a positive way:
  1. Over the last four weeks our Teachers at Meridian Music and Arts have been teaching 100% online video lessons. For most of us, we didn’t miss a beat. Below you’ll find a link to a video that one of our teachers (TeJay Rogers) made this last week titled Music is immune. In this video TeJay tells the story of how we as teachers at Meridian Music and Arts have been able to keep teaching during this time of quarantine.
  2. On May 2 from 5 to 7 pm Meridian Music and Arts will be hosting it first ever Virtual Spring Recital! Parents and students will be recording performances and posting them online on our Spring Recital Facebook group. Most of our students will spend the evening performing, watching performances and supporting one another with music.

How have you been using music? We’d love to hear your experiences with music over the last few weeks as everything has been shut down. Feel free to comment below or visit us on Facebook and tell us your music story. Be sure to use the hash tag #musicisimmune

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