Monthly spotlight: Ashley Rogers

flute lessonsWe are very proud of our teachers here at Meridian Music and Arts. In an effort to share the talent that our teachers posses with the public we do a monthly spotlight. This month we are spotlighting Ashley rogers. Ashley teaches flute here at Meridian Music and Arts on Thursday evenings. Both students and parents have told on many occasions that Ashley is a very fun teacher. If you’re walking past here studio on a Thursday night you are sure to hear some laughing and wonderful flute music. Thanks Ashley for all you do. If you are interested in flute lessons with Ashley you can contact her at 208-412-1352 or via email at

We had Ashley answer some questions so that you could know a little bit more about her. Enjoy!

What ages do you teach?

Usually with beginner flute my students tend to range from 7- 12 but all ages are welcome.

What instruments do you teach?

I teach the beginner flute.

How many years have you been teaching?

I have been teaching children a variety of subjects for about 13 years.

Who or what inspired you to become a music teacher?

I have always loved music and teaching. So I put the two together. I suppose my husband gave me the final push to teach music again.

Describe your best moment ever teaching music:

I guess I would have to say it would be when I was teaching music to primary children in church and I had prepared a game to help me make the music lesson fun as I always do. I had the children convinced that they must be very quiet lest they wake the snoring dog. I’ve never seen such a still and silent group of kids. When the dog awoke everyone (including the other teachers) screamed. The quiet ended there. Spectators from the hall even joined in to see what all the fuss was about. It was a most enjoyable lesson.

If you could have one teaching super power, what would it be?

That’s easy. The same super power all music teachers would want. To be able get my students to practice without fail at least 100 minutes a week.

Describe what it is like to be in lessons with you:

Usually we start off with a scale, then a tone exercise. We work on an exercise out of the lesson book and then we work on a challenge song chosen by the student. I teach rhythms and music theory as well. When I test on the material we’ve covered I used fun games. And I test often. I also have prizes for the games and prizes for students who practice the 100 minutes I mentioned earlier. learning music should be fun and exciting, not a burden.

Tell us some fun facts about yourself that we may not know:

I like to laminate stuff. I tax the prize box on a regular basis because all that candy taunts me and my husband is weirder than I am…that’s something.

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