Monthly spotlight: Anna Chapman

Anna ChapmanWe are very proud of our teachers here at Meridian Music and Arts. In an effort to share the talent that our teachers posses with the public we do a monthly spotlight. This month we are spotlighting Anna Chapman. Anna has been teaching at Meridian Music and Arts for over 2 years. She is very kind and helps out in many ways around the studio. Thank you Anna for all that you do. If you are interested in lessons with Anna you can read the additional information below and contact her directly for scheduling.

What ages do you teach?

6 years old and up through adult

What instruments do you teach?

Piano and voice

Do you have a teaching motto?

Never give up

How many years have you been teaching?

6 years

Who or what inspired you to become a music teacher?

My very first student inspired me to pursue it full time. I loved it and the kids from the beginning.

Describe your best moment ever teaching music:

The best moment happens a lot. It’s when one of my students gets excited because they understood or figured out something about or in the music that I was teaching them. In other words, a “light bulb” goes on.

If you could have one teaching super power, what would it be?

To know instantly what each student’s learning style is so that I could communicate the knowledge they need more effectively.

Describe what it is like to be in lessons with you:

I try to not be high pressure or mundane like many of the old school piano teachers I grew up with, but I do give weekly assignments and homework. I encourage my students to be self motivated, choose some of their own songs/pieces, and share some of my enthusiasm for and love of music. My eventual goal is to help them find their own musical voice, especially if they compose, and to later play/perform better than me, or at least better than I did at their age.

Tell us some fun facts about yourself that we may not know:

I am an amateur photographer and Ballroom dancer. I have studied music for 16 years now. I secretly wish I was a drummer sometimes. I am currently composing in many different ways and genres, but I really aim to master film scoring at some point.

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