An Introduction to Music Composition

Dates and Times: June 4-13th, July 2-11th, August 6-15th

Mondays and Wednesdays 1-2pm, in the drum room by the stairs, $75 per person (two weeks of four classes), 10% MMA Student Discount

Description: Do you make up a song or tune but get stuck before you can finish it? Do you like writing pieces for yourself to play but want to take your composition to the next level? This two week group class will cover small to large musical forms, simple to complex compositional styles, composing for solo instruments and ensembles, and using music theory knowledge to your advantage during “writer’s block.”
(Requirements: Average skill or above on at least one instrument, bringing that instrument to class [keyboards will be provided for pianists, and a drum kit will also be available], and average knowledge or above in your instrument’s notation; ask your teacher if you are unsure of your level)

Minimum of 4 students

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