What is Meridian Music and Arts?

Meridian Music and Arts (MMA) is an instruction facility. Housed at the MMA facility you will find multiple music lesson studios. Each studio is privately owned and operated by local professionals. In addition each studio specializes in specific instruments or categories. Music lessons at MMA range from guitar, bass guitar, banjo, ukulele, piano, voice, violin, viola, drums, percussion, flute, etc.

How it all began

Meridian Music and Arts (MMA) is the byproduct of four local music teachers trying to find a suitable teaching facility in the Meridian area. Jeanetta Asbury (Jasbury studios), Nancy Messuri (Nancy Messuri violin studio), Boe Adams (The Music Lesson Den), and TeJay Rogers (Weatherhead Music Studio) were all looking for a new studio at the same time. Through networking and word of mouth these four studios came together and formed a partnership. The main objective was to provide local music instructors with a teaching facility. Meridian Music and Arts is what they came up with.

Still going strong

The idea of Meridian Music and Arts has been a dream for most of the musicians involved for some time. It came to reality in the beginning of 2012. In that short time MMA has gone from housing the four original studios to housing many more. Currently MMA houses seven separate studios. Collectively these studios boast a wide variety of music lessons and teachers. We hope to continue growing in the Meridian area and helping everyone find a passion for Music and the Arts.